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What Does Yoga for EVERY Body Really Mean?


What Does Yoga for EVERY Body Really Mean?

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It means you belong. This is your yoga.


There aren’t many real one-size-fits-all solutions in life that truly can serve all people.  We are all so diverse… in age, shape, color, gender, condition, needs, and wants, that it may be impossible to imagine a physical exercise system that could truly serve everyBODY.  However, Yoga, given its many forms and practices, really IS for everyone, and there are couple aspects of yoga which make this particularly true.


There are many different types and styles of yoga.  Some are vigorous and athletic, while others are calm and meditative.  At Escape, we offer class styles as diverse as our members.  Our Gentle Hatha classes are loved by our seniors and healing students.  Vinyasa yoga provides a fun workout challenge.  Basic Hatha classes, which just about anyone can enjoy, are ideal for beginners.  By choosing the right class, yoga can be just the right experience for you and YOUR body.



The second aspect of yoga that makes it suitable for everyone is the philosophical approach to practicing yoga which honors the individuality of each person.  In Yoga, we are asked to let our own body be the guide for how to perform the poses with the awareness that every pose will look different in every body.  In other words, we don’t fit our bodies to the poses, we fit the poses to our body.  There is no perfect pose, only your own unique manifestation of the pose.

New to the studio?


but really?

Aside from picking the right class, bringing a positive attitude, and an open mind you may be wondering if it really is possible that yoga is right for YOU.  Due to yoga stereotypes perpetuated by the advertising industry, it’s quite common for anyone who is not a skinny white woman to wonder how the shapes depicted in glossy advertising campaigns could ever be relevant to their own body. But don’t let the advertisers fool you with their acrobatic pictures!  The real life bodies that are actually found practicing yoga in Escape’s classes include larger bodies, older bodies, male bodies, “stiff” bodies, and healing bodies and the only thing all these bodies have in common is that yoga feels great on them!

So, if you still have doubts that yoga is for you (I’m talking to YOU, Mr. “I-can-barely-sit-on-the-floor-let-alone-touch-my-toes”) please contact us.  We can help you select the right class and address any personal reservations you may have.  

Mostly, we just want the chance to welcome you into our diverse community and to help you start benefiting from your own unique expression of yoga