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Escape to Yoga - Sherwood Oregon's friendliest yoga studio,  completely dedicated to your health and wellness through intelligent, warm & accessible yoga! 

The Politics of Yoga


The Politics of Yoga

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The Peace of Place

Once upon a time, the founder of Escape to Yoga was a political activist. She regaled her friends and family with her views, started a Facebook account to get a greater audience, had debate parties, donated cash to campaigns, collected petition signatures, spoke at public rallies.


Meanwhile, she was under a lot of stress and booked a trip to Thailand for her first yoga retreat. When she came home, she told her friends and family what she had learned, and declared that she was giving up politics, and was taking up teaching yoga instead. They cheered!!! They gleefully volunteered to let her practice teaching them yoga. Her Facebook friends list finally started to grow, and all in her world were happy and content.

After a few years, she shed her old job and created Escape to Yoga. A place where there is abundant yoga, and a warm community that values inclusivity and compassion.

A peaceful space where all people are safe to engage in quiet self-care.

Here, no one’s views are challenged, and all are welcome and respected. The founder forgot all about politics.

Until Today.


Things have changed in the outside world… Politics is screaming at the top of its lungs and no one can ignore it. No one is unaffected. BUT, ESCAPE IS STILL A SAFE PLACE! Here, no politics are allowed.

When we carve out a short time for our mats, we use it to honor the genuine, individual, unique pursuit of personal peace and wellness for ourselves, and for our neighbors. We practice compassion for ourselves so we are able to share compassion for others. We hold this quiet space for everyone. 

Please join us. Please take care.