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Yoga for Seniors, the Art of Aging


Yoga for Seniors, the Art of Aging

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Yoga. It’s the Fountain of Youth

It’s a big claim…  and we’ve all been programmed to believe it’s the most impossible myth of all time.  But I would assert that Yoga really IS the fountain of youth.  Much to this strongly-muscled-levitating-pretzel’s surprise, the people that fill the yoga studio she opened in a sleepy town in Oregon are in large part seniors.  Seniors who have no interest in standing on their hands or wrapping their arms under their legs and behind their backs.


Seniors understand the fountain of youth.  They get that it couldn’t possibly be so easy as taking a sip from a chalice.  They know that it takes regular, consistent, dedicated time on the mat.  The fact that it takes steadfast repeated, hard work makes the myth more believable.  My Grandmother used to say that if it’s not worth working for, it’s not worth having.  Our seniors attend more regularly than any other group, even the teachers.  We don’t have mirrors in the studio, so they may not see the changes their several weekly visits are making, but we can, the teachers can see it.

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We see people who could barely sit on the floor when we met them slowly become steadier on their feet, gradually take on poses they initially laughed at.  They grow almost imperceptibly taller, as we watch them balancing endlessly on one leg with a smile while the newcomers to yoga tumble to the floor.  Last night I watched a 65-year old woman, who after 2 ½ years of consistent practice performed a perfectly graceful practice with steadiness and precision.  Her visibly toned muscles creating open and fluid shapes wrapped in logic-defying aged skin and luminescent silver hair.  She talked her husband into drinking from the chalice about six months ago…  now they both have a visible spring in their steps!

Seniors are experienced, wise, humans, and they recognize a good thing when they see it.  I know they are on to something magical, because they tell us how great they feel, how yoga has changed their lives.  They keep coming back, and their numbers in classes of all types are growing.  This is all the evidence I need to believe, and boldly claim, that yoga is the Fountain of Youth.

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