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Escape to Yoga - Sherwood Oregon's friendliest yoga studio,  completely dedicated to your health and wellness through intelligent, warm & accessible yoga! 

New Memberships & Pricing

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Simple, Flexible, and Affordable...

Our new FLEX Memberships are designed with your lifestyle and budget in mind!


Can I keep my current membership plan?

Yes!  As long as you keep your account current, your current membership plan will continue with no change.  All pricing, terms, and conditions of your original membership contract will remain the same.

Can I switch to one of the new FLEX plans?

Yes!  We are happy to switch you over to one of the new FLEX plans after Oct. 1st, even if you haven't completed the 3-month commitment on your current contract.  Just send us an email to  info@escapetoyoga.com   and let us know which membership plan you want.

What is my commitment if I sign up for a FLEX Membership?

With the new plans, there are no more minimum contract terms, fees, or complicated fine print rules...

There is just one thing to keep in mind:


In order to provide top quality instruction in a beautiful facility with the most affordable and flexible pricing available in the region, we need you to commit to giving us no less than 30 days notice for cancellations or downgrades.  Your membership fees keep our doors open.  Thank you!!

How long will the current membership plans and pricing packages be available?

You can purchase today's pricing options through September 30, 2017.