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Escape to Yoga - Sherwood Oregon's friendliest yoga studio,  completely dedicated to your health and wellness through intelligent, warm & accessible yoga! 


FAQ's For Getting Started!

Here's some quick answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you are new to yoga, or new to the studio, get to know a bit about us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop in, or do I need to make a reservation?

You are always welcome to drop into a class whenever you can fit one in. To ensure a high-quality instruction experience at Escape to Yoga, all classes have a maximum number of students that will be admitted to the class.  If you know your favorite class tends to fill up, or are not sure, it is a great idea to reserve your spot in advance. Reservations may be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to regular classes, and 48 hours prior to workshops with no fee or charge.  Please arrive early, we will hold your spot for you up until 5 minutes before class time.

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I have never practiced yoga before.  Which class should I start with?


We recommend that most people start out with a Basic Hatha class.  These classes are challenging, but tailored towards beginners and practitioners who seek a patient, mindful, and accessible approach towards improving overall fitness, mobility, and balance.  Our Gentle Hatha and Restorative classes are also appropriate for new students and are ideal for practitioners who are addressing specific physical issues such as arthritis, healing from injury, or lack of recent physical activity.

Still Not Sure?


To realize the benefits of yoga, including increased strength and mobility, better balance, and reduced stress, we recommend that you practice two times per week or more. A great way to start is with our new member special. 30 days for $39 gives you a feel for the studio and lets you meet our team of compassionate and talented instructors. 

Do you have Hot Yoga?

No.  Hot Yoga is a form of Yoga practiced in a super-heated room, often on a carpeted surface.  Our facility is maintained at a comfortable 72° to 74°  and our flooring is a yoga-specialized cushioned surface ideal for joint comfort during practice.



Yoga is for you!  The key is finding the right class. At Escape to Yoga, we recommend that most people start out with a Basic Hatha class.  These classes are challenging, but tailored towards practitioners who seek a patient, mindful, and accessible approach towards improving overall fitness, mobility, and balance.  Restorative Yoga is an additional option for a highly accessible, gentle, and relaxing mind-body practice.  When ready for a more vigorous challenge, try out our Vinyasa classes.

I have taken a variety of classes with several different instructors. All of them are friendly, knowledgeable and unique in their teaching delivery of yoga practices. The studio is a warm and inviting place filled with special people. Thank you for inspiring me! - Julie N.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows a full range of motion without binding.  For yoga, tops should be snug enough to prevent them from falling over your head during inverted poses.  We keep the studio at about 72-74 degrees, so you may want to bring some additional layers. 

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What equipment should I bring?

All equipment required for classes is provided by Escape to Yoga.  However, it is recommended that anyone planning a regular practice purchase their own yoga mat.  

where can i park?

Don't circle the block!  Head straight to a free and easy parking lot nearby and enjoy a quick stroll before class.

What if I am late?

Generally, late entrance to class is discouraged.  Classes begin promptly and the first minutes of class are spent eliminating distractions and seeking peace and focus, therefore, tardy arrivals can be disruptive.  That being said, we do not want you to miss out on your practice because you encountered some extra traffic or had difficulty parking.  Please aim to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, but if you arrive late anyway, please come in quietly.  If the class is full, we cannot admit late arrivals.

Are there any yoga studio etiquette guidelines I should be aware of?

Relax! Here are a few quick tips for the yoga newbie! 

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  • Ask questions! Let your teacher know if you need help.

  • Take your shoes off before entering the practice room.

  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances, we'll be doing lots of deep breathing!

  • Keep the practice room quiet and peaceful. Socializing is strongly encouraged in the store and lounge.

  • Leave your cellular devices OFF. We can hear it vibrating when it is on silent mode.

  • Make space for other students.

  • Put your props away neatly at the end of class.

  • Try to stay for the whole class; if you can't let your teacher know and leave quietly before savasana.

  • Most people practice yoga barefoot. It's more comfortable that way!

  • Use our complimentary essential oil cleaner to sanitize any borrowed equipment you will be using during class. If you forget your washcloth, you can purchase one for $1.

Can I bring a friend to try out a class and let them use one of my passes?

Yes, you can bring a friend! And there are a couple different ways to gift them a pass...

  • Sign in to your REWARDS account and redeem your points for a free pass. Then fill out the form below to let us know you want to transfer the pass to your friend (your friend must first create an Escape to Yoga account).

  • If you have a 10-class package that has not yet expired, you can transfer your passes by sending us an email, or filling out the form below, or just ask us next time you visit the studio during store open hours.

  • You can purchase a single class pass for your friend using your card on file.

Send us a message to transfer your class passes to a friend.

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Can I bring my kids?

Yes!  At Escape we believe that yoga is a lifelong practice and people can benefit from yoga in the way that meets their individual needs in all stages of life. Class participants are welcome to bring their kids along if they believe their children have reached a level of maturity that would allow them to practice along with the grown-ups while not detracting from the experience of other class participants.  We have found that children as young as 8 years old can enjoy yoga classes with their parents.  Children 14 and older are considered old enough to attend regular classes unaccompanied by an adult as long as their parents approve their participation in Escape classes. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the studio at all times and are not permitted to wait in the store/lounge during class. 

I am pregnant.  Do you offer prenatal Yoga?

Pre-natal yoga is a specialized form of yoga used to condition and prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and recovery from childbirth.  Other forms of yoga are not designed or intended to meet these needs. At Escape to Yoga we believe that pre-natal yoga should only be taught by trained, certified, and experienced pre-natal yoga instructors. Please consult with your doctor before attending any yoga or fitness class during pregnancy. For a referral to a studio that currently offers pre-natal yoga, please email us! 



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